mazema olive oil tasting

Our olive oil

Olive cultivation is not just an occupation ; it is a way of living. Our engagement to the olive tree gives us great pleasure, as we produce an important good in harmony with nature. We dedicate great efforts to produce an extra virgin olive oil which meets high standards on organoleptic and chemical attributes.

We choose the early harvest, when the olives are in green color with a few notes of yellow. Afterwards, we store the olives in low temperatures and take them to the olive oil mill as soon as possible. There, we control all the conditions, like the time and temperature of malaxation. Every drop of this fine extra virgin olive oil reflects our passion towards it and the nature..

mazema olive oil tasting

Οur olive oil mazema means harvesting. The word "mazema" is the most famous and familiar word in Greece for the olive harvest. It also has to do with people gathering together, creating unique moments and experiences. Mazema is an extra virgin olive oil, composed of different varieties of olives, distinguished by the special organoleptic characteristic of the Manaki variety.

One can easily recognize aromas of herbs, as well as flavors from dry seeds, mainly perceived in the mouth.

It has a moderate to strong fruity aroma with a medium spicy and slightly bitter taste. It could be combined with a wide range of dishes, such as grilled vegetables, meat and seafood. Mazema is a balanced olive oil with a clear distinct taste character.

We apply an organic farming method, as we are proponents of the balanced coexistence of human and the environment. We believe in ecological cultivar, in that way we interfere with nature as little as possible.

The benefits of organic food without industrial processing and additives are very important for our health. Our passion for the nature reflects in every drop of extra virgin olive oil mazema.

The olive groves are located in various areas, mainly on mountain slopes in the Troizinia. This creates great difficulty to olive cultivation. However, in places like these, there is a microclimate which gives a distinct taste and aroma to the olive oil.

What is more, the sun and air create the perfect conditions, by increasing the final nutritional value of the olive oil.

mazema olive oil tasting
mazema olive oil tasting