mazema olive oil tasting

Olive oil Tasting in the Saronic

Advanced session for οpen groups

Participating in the complete taste session will give you the opportunity:

  • To learn about the actual process of taste analysis of olive oil
  • To discover the flavors and aromas of some of the highest in quality Greek Olive Oils, sourced from different varieties and locations
  • To distinguish a defective olive oil from an excellent virgin olive oil by comprehending its true value
  • To get informed about the Mediterranean diet and its unique health benefits
  • To explore combinations and pairings of olive oil with other kinds of food.

Finally, as a consumer, you will gain the necessary knowledge to appreciate a high quality olive oil and get the most out of it.

Duration: Estimated duration 1.30 hours.
Location: In selected places of Poros, Toizinia, Methana and Hydra.
Price: 75 € /person
Minimum number of participants: 2 people.

Elementary session for open group

We offer a basic session with basic knowledge of authentic olive oil taste testing. Taste three of the best high quality Greek extra virgin olive oils.

Duration: 35'
Price: 38 € /person
Minimum number of participants: 4 people.

*The above prices refer to the area of Poros. The cost in different locations will probably vary.

Private sessions

Mazema Olive Oil Tasting has the ability to bring the olive oil tasting experience to your location.
So we could visit your venue whether it's a home, a hotel or a boat and hold private tasting sessions.

Useful tip. It is suggested not to have eaten at least 30’ before the tasting.

mazema olive oil tasting
mazema olive oil tasting