mazema olive oil tasting

Poros, Hydra, Methana, Troizen...
Olive oil tasting in the enchanting Saronic landscape.

Olive oil, a treasure given by nature to bring people together. This is the inner meaning of mazema olive oil tasting.

We invite you on an exquisite tasting journey, in which you will discover the special value of extra virgin olive oil.

Starting from our region, Poros Troizinias and our olive oil, named mazema, we continue our tasting with a variety of high quality olive oils from different places of Greece.

The experiential workshop mazema olive oil tasting gives you the opportunity to participate in a unique tasting experience, which can change your eating habits.


"Mazema" means harvesting.

The word "mazema" is the most famous and familiar word in Greece for the olive harvest. It has a traditional meaning for Greeks as it depicts a period of hard work, yet, in a celebratory atmosphere.

People from the countryside would gather to discuss about preparations for the oil harvest, as it was of a great essence for their lives; something like a ritual.

There was a wider arousal, as land workers from different parts of Greece would come to work to the groves.

There were even times, when grove owners would help each other, creating unique moments and experiences. This is mazema olive oil tasting for us, a gathering of people who get to learn about olive oil through tasting and interacting.

mazema olive oil tasting
mazema olive oil tasting

mazema olive oil tasting

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a precious juice full of flavors and aromas of herbs, fresh vegetables and flowers, coming directly from nature without any chemical treatment.

All of these taste characteristics are a result of a number of factors, such as variety, cultivation and microclimate.

At the mazema olive oil workshop you are provided with a comprehensive knowledge of olive oil and the actual method to taste it. Join us and you will learn to evaluate and appreciate a high quality olive oil.


Expand you sensory horizons by exploring the rich flavor of extra virgin olive oil

mazema olive oil tasting